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Uncompromising beauty; rugged durability: laminate flooring

In South Daytona, we know something about beaches. One of those things is that while beaches are wonderful to visit, you usually want to be careful about how much of the beach that you bring back into your home. And that is because sand can be hard on floors. So if you are looking for a flooring that is durable enough to handle all of the sand that gets brought home — intentionally or unintentionally, consider laminate floors.

The beauty of laminate flooring

If you are going to put a floor in your home, it needs to be attractive and fit the personality that you have given to your rooms. It is made to mimic a wide variety of hardwoods, tile floors, and even stone flooring. Whether your rooms are more formal or more casual, some products will perfectly meet your needs. In most cases, a casual observer will never know that the floors aren’t wood, stone, or tile.

The durability of laminate flooring

These floors are designed to hold up to whatever traffic your house brings its way. Whether it is sand that is tracked in or the claws of your four-legged friends, laminate is designed to wear well and resist scratching and scuffing. Most such floors come with warranties that extend ten or twenty years. Further, these floors are water-resistant and designed to handle spills quite well.

Laminate flooring care & maintenance

We live in central Florida; there are too many things to do to be cooped up inside cleaning all of the time. One of the other benefits of laminate floors is that they require very little maintenance. For the most part, a quick pass with a broom or with one of the cleaning products and your laminate looks as good as the day it was initially installed. We, at Trott's Carpet, carry a wide selection of items that are designed to keep your floor beautiful and keep you enjoying the sun.

Your laminate flooring installation professionals

We take great pride in our professional installers. They are prompt and courteous and will ensure that your floor is installed properly so that it can serve you for many years. They also understand that sometimes flooring installation is a fascinating affair for children (adults, too!) and so they welcome an audience or the occasional question from onlookers.

We, at Trott's Carpet, are your laminate flooring retailer in South Daytona, FL. We also service the surrounding areas of South Daytona, FL. Call us or stop by our showroom. One of our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to show you all of the options that are available to you; we think you will be pleased with what we offer.